Fiduciary Services

A fiduciary is a legally appointed person or body who has a duty to act in the appointee’s best interest. Services which exemplify this fiduciary duty are known as fiduciary services and include:

  • Estate planning and the drafting of wills
  • Deceased Estate administration
  • Personal Estate administration
  • Trust formation and administration

Characteristic fiduciary service Legacy FS offers at least the following:

  • The reviewing of current wills, and the drafting of new wills, to ensure that these are up-to-date and tailored to best carry out your wishes and directives.
  • Taking Executor appointments and the responsibility for seeing that the terms of your will are carried out through: collecting the assets of the deceased, paying the estate’s debts and distributing the estate to the beneficiaries under the Will.

Legacy FS trust and corporate services include the following:

  • Drafting and registering of Family Trusts, Business Trusts and Property Trusts
  • Taking independent Trustee appointments
  • Reviewing and drafting amendments to existing Trust Deeds
  • Facilitating the resignation and appointments of Trustees through the Masters Office
  • Ensuring Trust tax compliance

At Legacy FS we strive to provide practical solutions, and to make things simple and easy to follow. Our view is that your whole family should gain an appreciation of the processes involved.

– Charles Evison