Fiduciary Services

What are

Fiduciary Services?

What are

Fiduciary Services?

As a definition
A fiduciary is a legally appointed person with a duty of care over the affairs of another. Fiduciary Services are services that are exercised in providing such care.

As a commitment
A fiduciary duty is a commitment to act in the best interests of another person. This duty is to be exercised with the care, diligence and skill expected of one who manages the affairs of another. Our commitment is to our clients and where we are appointed to provide fiduciary services, we do so in the best interests of our clients.

Our commitment to build and fully honour your legacy needs solid foundations.

Fiduciary Services rest on four cornerstones:

Estate planning and the drafting of Wills

Deceased Estate

Personal Estate

Trust formation
and administration

Basic services offered by Legacy Fiduciary Services

  • Wills – It is essential that Wills are kept up to date as the circumstances of your life change. A marriage, a divorce, new children, windfalls in your wealth profile – all need to be in your Will. This service includes reviewing current Wills and the drafting of new Wills to ensure that they are up-to-date and tailored to specifically execute your wishes and directives. This service includes reviewing your current Wills and drafting new Wills to take into account changed circumstances and give effect to your wishes and directives.
  • Executorship – You have entrusted us with ensuring that your wishes are effectively carried out. We don’t take your trust in us lightly. We accept appointments as Executors and Estate Administrators and assist in the winding up of Estates collating assets, paying Estate debts and distributing the Estate to the heirs and legatees specified in the Will.

Trust and Corporate services offered by Legacy Fiduciary Services

  • Trusts
    The drafting and registering of Family Trusts, Business Trust, Charitable Trusts and Property Trusts.
  • Appointments
    Accepting appointment as independent Trustees.
  • Amendments
    Reviewing and drafting amendments to existing Trust Deeds.
  • Transferring & Changing of Trustees
    Facilitating the resignation and appointments of Trustees through the Master’s Office.
  • Tax Compliance
    We assist Trustees in ensuring that Trusts are fully tax compliant.
By simplifying things we provide easy to comprehend practical solutions to sometime complex challenges.

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