Estate Planning

Your “Estate” is simply the total extent of your property and possessions. Estate planning is a service which anticipates and arranges the disposal of your Estate on your death. Optimal Estate planning ensures that:

  • Your heirs enjoy the benefits of your wealth building activities.
  • The costs to your Estate, such as taxes and other expenses, are kept to a minimum.
  • The transfer of assets to your heirs is simplified.
  • Complications and uncertainties which may trouble your survivors are eliminated.

Typically a comprehensive Estate plan will involve the following and more:

  • A review of your assets (including any insurance and pension benefits and liabilities).
  • An evaluation of any need for a trust or corporate entity.
  • A discussion of your wishes and your family’s needs.
  • A drafting of one or more wills.

Since inception in 2010, Legacy FS has developed a national reputation for its expertise in estate planning, bringing in Sharia principles as required by our Islamic clients.

– Showkat Mukadam